Vicon Fanex 904C

Mounted tedders with transport running gear

Working width of 9.0m

Clever Transport Solution

The new Fanex 904C is a 9m, 8-rotor carrier frame tedder purpose-built for use with smaller tractors. The wide track width ensures stable running characteristics during road transport. Due to the carrier frame concept, the lifting capacity of the tractor is not a limiting factor and it can be operated with tractors starting from 60hp.

The Advantages:

  • Maintenance-free driveline and strong ProLine gearboxes.
  • Strong driveline, sturdy u-joints on the inside rotors and flexible HexaLink finger clutch on outside rotors
  • Transport running gear for use with low lift tractors
  • Central adjustment for border tedding – all set from the tractor cab.
  • Strong and sturdy design with closed V-shaped central unit.
  • Central adjustment for border spreading keeping the crop inside the field

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width Rotors/Tines Weight
Fanex 904C 9.00m 8/6 1700kg

ProLine Gearbox

Solid Design- Maintenance Free Operation

  • Gearbox does not serve as part of the main frame, but is bolted on. No strain is transmitted to the gearbox.
  • Permanent oil bath lubrication – no maintenance of the gearbox required.
  • Dust and water proof gearbox design. No corrosion.
  • Double bearing on both sides of the drive shaft for highest durability to withstand the most severe conditions.
  • Crown wheel and pinion positioned in one housing for very reliable drive.


Maintenance-Free Driveline

  • Powered by maintenance-free driveline and gearboxes.
  • Reliable driveline with a strong combination of maintenance free universal joints and HexaLink finger clutch.
  • Hinges are connected with strong maintenance-free roller bearings for extended longevity and stability of the connection points.

V-Shaped Main Frame

Excellent Stability - Sturdy Design

  • The pivoting 3-point headstock and strong V-shaped central unit, makes the Fanex mounted tedders highly durable machines.
  • The central unit has a particularly sophisticated design: an extra cross beam, and the exceptionally generous linkage zone of the outer rotors, permit transport speeds of up to 50km/h with no risk of damage.

Efficient Border Spreading

To increase productivity, the Fanex 764 is equipped with a mechanical border tedding device. A hydraulic solution is available as an option. A marker cleverly shows the position of the axle.