Vicon Bromex M plus

The multi-purpose side pivoting chopper

Vicon extends its chopper range introducing the new side pivoting chopper Bromex M plus. A new multi-purpose chopper suitable for road maintenance, clearing out field edges, ditches and hedges. In addition, the Vicon Bromex M plus allows a versatile use on grass, light wood and bushes ideal for up keeping parks, gardens and road side. Combined with a front chopper (Vicon Bromex PF or PXD) the pivoting chopper Bromex M plus ensures high performance in all circumstances.

The Vicon Bromex plus is of a compact, rounded design for a perfect view of the chopping area but with strong articulations which allow high manoeuvrability and ensure high reliability during work operation. The major offset ability compared to Bromex M standard allows more capacity and simplicity in use.

The Advantages:

  • Multi-purpose side pivoting chopper
  • New lateral transmission
  • New rotor of large diameter (450mm) precise balancing, high rotation speed (1858rpm)
Model Working width (m) Weight (kg) No. of blades (universal/hammer)
Bromex M plus 200 2.0 900 52/26
Bromex M plus 230 2.3 960 60/30
Bromex M plus 250 2.5 985 64/32