Vicon Bromex M

The multi-purpose chopper

A new multi-purpose chopper for road maintenance, clearing out field edges, ditches and hedges. The Bromex M shows versatility in operation on grass, light wood and bushes thus being ideal for the maintenance of parks, gardens and road sides.

The Bromex M combines an easy concept with strong construction for excellent field performance. That also means high comfort during operations and maximum reliability in work.

The Frame: Solid construction heavily protected and reinforced with double skin as standard.

The Rotor: High performance rotor by huge numbers of tools (13 per meter) and high speed rotation. Standard with universal, hammer or rock blades.

The Transmission: Gearbox with freewheel inside and 4 belts with automatic belt tensioner.

The Advantages:

  • For tractors up to 90hp
  • Massive headstock, reinforced parallelogram and robust articulation
  • Big working angle = very versatile in use
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Solid construction for long working life (double skin)
  • High performance rotor (2043 rpm - 14 hammers/meter)
Model Working width (m) Weight (kg) No. of universal/hammer blades
Bromex M 155 1.55 740 40/20
Bromex M 185 1.85 780 48/24
Bromex M 200 2.00 820 52/26