Vicon SuperFlow PS403

The PS403 spreaders are ideal for use on golf courses or for sand and salt spreading.

Ideal For Use on Golf Courses

With hopper capacities of 400 and 500 litres the PS403 and PS503 models are the ideal solution for small farms and special applications, like golf courses and sand and salt spreading. Spreading quality and ease of operation of this unique machine are unequalled – now as in the past. Spreading width from 1 - 14 metres.

The Advantages:

  • SuperFlow spreading system
  • Easy setting of the application rate
  • A wide range of spreading spouts
  • Optional PS-ED II on-board computer available

SuperFlow Spreading System

  • The SuperFlow spreading system gives you maximum accuracy in fertiliser application.
  • Spreading quality and ease of operation of this unique machine are unequalled - now as in the past.
  • The pendulum movement of the spout ensures that the application rate is always indentical on both sides. This results in a symmetric spreading pattern and an excellent overlap.
  • Accurate spreading, also on slopes.
  • The to-and-for movement of the spreading spout causes the fertiliser to be thrown to the left and the right hand side only, never to the front and a short distance only to the rear. Wind influence is therefore insignificant and the tractor does not get covered with fertiliser.
  • The bearings of the spreading unit have easily accessible grease nipples for maximum ease of maintenance.

Easy Setting

  • All SuperFlow pendulum spreaders can be controlled either manually or hydraulically.
  • The plastic scale on the spreading unit allows continuous adjustment of the application rate in kg per hectare, so the risk of spreading errors is minimal.
  • Using the spreading table and the dial you can determine the desired quantity of fertiliser for every spreading width and forward speed.
  • With the optional available adjustment key you can easily adjust your spreading width (angle of the spreading spout will change). Ideal for sand spreading or in orchards!

Range of Spreading Spouts

Vicon offers you a wide range of spreading spouts for a wide variety of applications.

  • Long spreading spout: used for normal spreading widths 9 - 14m.
  • Short spreading spout: used for small spreading widths, spreading width 4 - 8m.
  • Band spreading spout: for spreading in orchards, vineyard spreading width 2 - 8m (long) or for pesticides, spreading widths 0.75 - 4.50m (short).
  • Sand, salt and grid spreading spout: used for road construction and combatting icy conditions, spreading widths 6-12m (long), 5 - 6m (medium) or 2 - 4m (short) are possible.
  • Boundary spreading spout: prevents fertiliser from spreading into ditches or hedges or ditches, spreading width 2-6m.
  • Right side spreading spout: for fish-farms and spreading on dikes, spreading width 4 - 6m.

Border spreading

  • Tramline cylinder: using the tramline cylinder the spreader is inclined, allowing spreading up to the border of the field. You just tilt the spreader 7° if you have to operate near fences or ditches.

PS-ED II on-board computer

  • The PS-ED II on-board computer allows the metering disc to be adjusted from the tractor cab and fits to all Vicon pendulum spreaders.
  • Forward speed is continuously checked by a wheel sensor or by radar and transmitted to the PS-ED II system which in turn ensures a constant application rate whatever the forward speed. The consequence is an absolutely uniform spreading pattern in the direction of travel. The quantity can be increased or decreased at any time during work.
  • Operators will find the PS-ED II exceptionally easy to operate. All you have to wach over is a control panel with its clearly understandable display.

Optional Equipment

  • To increase the hopper capacity of the basic pendulum spreaders there are different hopper capacities available: 100, 110, 200, 400, 600 and 900 litres, depending per model.
  • A hopper cover protects the fertiliser from moisture and dirt. For filling the hopper the cover can be easily folded.
  • For all PS spreaders is an optional lighting set available. Also reflector decals can be ordered for safe transport on the roads.
  • A calibration container allows calibration tests to be performed with spout in place.
  • The agitator ensures an even material feed to the spreading unit. A safety grid protects the agitator.
  • The set of pivoting wheels allows the spreader to be easily moved when detached from the tractor.
  • The fine seed insert shuts two of the three openings of the metering device for the application of small quantities of fine seed.
  • A stainless steel insert for the hopper is needed when spreading sand or salt.