Spreading Equipment - Vicon RotaFlow RO-M, spreader for the medium size segment, also 8 vanes per disc so its operating effectively

Spreading Equipment

The unique pendulum and disc spreader range.

Vicon Spreading Equipment. The Spreading Equipment contains a GEOSPREAD system that provides maximum accuracy in spreading. Thanks to the electric actuators, the discharge point can be changed automatically by sections of 1 meter. This means the working width can be adjusted very quickly and accurately by just touching the ISOBUS terminal. GEOSPREAD gives the possibility to switch sections over the middle, unnecessary overlap is set to an absolute minimum.

Vicon Weighing System. With the unique reference sensor and four load cells, the Vicon weighing system will correct automatically on slopes and for shocks. Therefore, they can work with high accuracy on rough terrains and in hilly conditions

The RotaFlow Principle. With the Vicon RotaFlow spreading system the fertilizer granules are already rotating when they reach the spreading vanes. This will prevent fertilizer fragmentation of the granules due to the impact on the vanes and maintains the spreading characteristics of the material.

MULTIRATE. The Vicon GEOSPREAD models are compatible with left/right Variable Rate application. With this feature 2, 4, 6 or 8 rates can be applied in one pass

Accurate Spreading Pattern. The 8 vanes per disc ensures a continuous flow of fertilizer to the field. Unrivalled accuracy.

Disc Spreaders Pendulum Spreaders
Bale Wrappers - VICON BW 2850, high volume and easy to use during operation. Its strong and stable allowing you to wrap on the move

Forage Equipment

Vicon offers one of the broadest and most attractive product ranges within forage equipment.

Helping you to do more

Quality forage starts with having the right equipment. When there is work to be don you need a rake that can get you there quickly, gets the job done efficiently and provides a clean and attractive swath. Providing speed and accuracy to prepare high quality crop with no dirt is a key parameter. You want grass in the swath


High productivity has long been married to capacity, ease of use and durability. In addition, you need to exact rake specifications that suits your entire grass management setup. Your rake must be able to accurately feed the machine that follows, being it a forager, wagon or baler, altering to the changing crop intensity during the season


Experience and innovation

Vicon is convinced that new technologies are driving agriculture revolution. It is our main motivation to develop day-by-day clever solutions improving harvest and forage quality while maximizing operator comfort


High quality forage

High quality of production definitely insures a high quality of crop. Baling at the correct density, wrapping at the right time, are all key elements that Vicon machines would allow you to control


The mower is designed for contractors in terms of increased capacity, reduced maintenance and running costs. We offer a complete package of services for livestock farmers and mow around 2800ha of grassland with our two Vicon triple mower conditioners per season. The control terminals are working perfect, and it is a real pleasure to work with them, also for the river. Another advantage is, that we can use the monitor for our other Vicon implements as well. Contour following is very important in our area and the Quattro Link suspension is working well

Mowers Tedders Rakes
Variable Chamber round balers - VICON RV 5116 - 5118 PLUS, high output performance and reduced maintenance requirments

Bale Equipment

For more than 50 years Vicon has been a pioneer within baling technology. The product offering includes fixed and variable chamber balers and a broad range of round bale wrappers

Vicon Bale Equipment

Experience and innovation. Vicon is convinced that new technologies are driving agriculture revolution. It’s our main motivation to develop day bay day clever solutions improving harvest and forage quality while maximizing operator comfort.

High Quality forage

High quality of production definitively insures a high quality of crop. Baling at the correct density, wrapping at the right time, are all key elements that Vicon machines would allow you to control

Full Roller Bale Chamber for Ultimum Versatility. The PowerMax bale chamber incorporates 18 heavy duty rollers arranged in a perfect circle for maximum bale rotation capability in all conditions. This is the ideal solution for producing well shaped and dense bales.

New SuperCut 15 Chopping System for optimum Cutting Performance. New SuperCut 15 knife pre-chopping system provides higher efficiency and improved crop flow into the baler

Extra wide pick-up. New 2.3 XL + low profiles pick-up equipped with 5 tine bars, with each bar supported by two intermediate bearings

Heavy Duty Bearings for Extended Service Life. Bale chambers rollers are carried on 50mm diameter bearings at both ends. Over specified double row bearings are utilized on six main load points for maximum capacity and assured long term reliability even when working in though conditions.

Superb intake performance. Huge 800mm diameter intake rotor equipped with 50hardox tines gives unrivalled intake capacity

In control. An ‘IsoMatch Eye’ rear view camera combined with the optional large screen Tellus pro terminal allows the operator to keep a check on the wrapping process and safe bale discharge

Non-Stop Baling.

FastBale truly eliminates the stop/go frustration of conventional round baling. FastBale is designed with two full roller fixed chambers

Round Balers Bale Wrappers Baler-Wrapper combinations
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Chopper Equipment


Belt Tensioner BTS. The automatic belt tensioner always ensures correct tensioning of the 5 V belts.

Non Stop System. A nitrogen accumulator (pre-loaded at 180 bar) is fitted as standard providing protection in case of hitting an obstacle

Roller. Vicon Choppers are standard equipped with rear roller of big diameter for effective control of cutting height.

Counterknife. A Counterknife is standard on all choppers for an intensive cutting result. Double skin construction ensures rigidity and longer life of the mainframe

Versatility in operation. Different working positions are possible

The Specialist for Green Areas. Compact Size – easy to Operate. The Vicon Bromex PA grass chopper is a small, medium duty machine suited to operation use on slightly rough ground, green areas, amenity areas and tidying up pasture. It is available in three models with working widths from 1.50 meter to 1.80 meter is very easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance

Smooth Drive – Reduced Wear – Longer Lifetime. Multi-purpose for chopping grass, pasture, set-aside land and stubble. A strong double headstock allows mounting the machine in front or behind the tractor. Together with an hydraulic offset facility, it gives multi purpose versatility for nearly all conditions e.g. clearing out field edges, orchards, road edges. Available with hammer blades or universal fan blades

Versatility Combined with Efficiency. Double headstock allows front or rear mounting of the Bromex PXD. Sliding tube integrated in the headstock; all forces are concentrated on the three point linkage. Standard fir 52cm hydraulically operated offset facility. A central gearbox rated up to 160 hp with double integrated free wheel as standard. The drive pulleys are reversible allowing for operation with either 540 or 1000 rpm input speed.


Precision Farming Solutions

Vicon Precision Equipment.

We believe in the freedom to choose your own approach. Precision farming is a way of life. Grow your crops, farm for yourself, your way. Vicon’s precision farming offering consists of innovative and custom made equipment, designed to fit your personal vision and beliefs with respect to the heritage of your profession. Smart equipment custom designed to your way of farming. Now you can carry out your work in a smarter, more efficient and cost effective way. We believe in the freedom to choose your own approach.

Be Innovative, Be a PRO. With its advanced hardware and software features, the IsoMatch Tellus PRO 12-inch terminal provides you with the optimal experience for an all-in-one control system inside the tractor cab. It is the center for connecting all ISOBUS machines, and a platform for running precision farming applications and Farm Management Systems. It offers everything you need to get the best out of your machines and crop, as well as cost savings in fertilizer, chemicals and seeds by using automatic section control and variable rate control

New Opportunities with IsoMatch FarmCentre. IsoMatch FarmCentre is applicable for all compatible Vicon ISOBUS machines in combination with an IsoMatch Tellus GO or PRO. Whether you wish to control your fleet, monitor tasks remotely or analyze machine performance data, IsoMatch FarmCentre provides this in an efficient web application, linking implements, tractors, terminals and the cloud in one continuous flow of data and connectivity.

IsoMatch Grip. This ISOBUS auxiliary device is made for comfortable machine control and efficient farming.

 IsoMatch Global 22. A GPS antenna system with DGPS accuracy for the highest precision possible. It brings you manual guidance, automatic section control, variable rate control in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL.

IsoMatch Multi Eye. Connect up to four cameras to the IsoMatch Universal Terminals. It gives you full control and overview of the machine operation from every side you want.

IsoMatch Inline. Light bar for easy manual guidance. Mounted in the line of sight, you can easily see the distance from the A-B line and to which direction you should steer for optimum position.

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