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Our precision farming offering is essential in managing your business with success. Applying electronics, software, satellite-technology, online tools and big-data enables you to use your equipment more effectively and reach higher profitability of your crops.

We offer you numerous options and solutions for how to produce more with less; utilize inputs more efficiently and thereby increase profits and sustainability.

ISOMATCH: Our Precision Farming Offering

IsoMatch Tellus PRO

With its advanced hardware and software features, this 12-inch terminal provides the optimal solution for an all-in-one control system inside the tractor cab including automatic steering. It is the centre for connecting all ISOBUS machines and a platform running precision farming applications and Farm Management Systems.

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IsoMatch Tellus GO+

The new IsoMatch Tellus GO+ offers a more powerful processor, allowing for significantly faster responsiveness and increasing the ease of navigation. The IsoMatch Tellus GO+ can now handle demanding applications like IsoMatch FarmCentre, allowing advanced features and remote connection to your implement for a higher yield at less cost.

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Realising the full potential of farming is about growing and developing your business. When there is work to be done, you need the optimal setup and solutions to work as efficiently as possible. IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, an advanced precision farming application within the IsoMatch Tellus PRO and IsoMatch Tellus GO+, helps you to control all ISOBUS compatible machines. Combined with a GPS receiver it fulfils the future needs towards an easy and profitable way of working.

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IsoMatch Global 3

A GPS antenna system with DGPS accuracy (30-50 cm) for the highest precision possible. It brings you manual guidance, automatic section control, variable rate control in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL.

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IsoMatch Grip

This ISOBUS auxiliary device is made for great operator comfort and efficient machine control. Its ergonomic shape and the complete freedom of assigning and controlling a total of 44 implement functions from one device are unique in the market today. From your fingertips you have endless possibilities to operate all machine functions as desired. Assignments are saved per machine making it even more applicable to your needs.

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IsoMatch Eye

Connect up to 4 cameras to the IsoMatch Universal Terminals. You can easily switch between the cameras without the need for an additional screen in your tractor cab. It gives you full control and overview of the entire machine operation during day and night, because of its night vision by integrated LEDs. This increases safety when reversing the machine or manoeuvring around obstructions.

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IsoMatch InLine

The IsoMatch InLine is a light bar for manual guidance including section status information. Mounted in the line of sight, you can easily see the distance from the guidance line and to which direction you should steer for the ideal position (accuracy: DGPS 30-50 cm, RTK 2 cm).

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IsoMatch TopService

IsoMatch TopService is a professional service tool for Kverneland’s electronic products to provide diagnostics and software update capabilities in addition to many other advanced features. It helps the dealer to diagnose and find solutions on the spot, faster and in a simpler way. The tool includes clear and user friendly design, multi-language support, automatic software downloads, release notes, documentation and many other features.

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Vicon Andex 1304 PRO Rake

In addition to the hydraulically adjustable swath and working width, the Andex 1304 PRO has other features that make daily work more pleasant. Among other things, it has the maintenance-free Pro oil bath gearbox with the adjustable cam track as a standard. A steering angle of 80 ° makes the Vicon Andex 1304 PRO extremely manoeuvrable, which is particularly advantageous when used outside of the field.

Everything under control thanks to ISOBUS

In addition to the basic functions of the Andex 1304, the PRO version has an ISOBUS comfort control. In combination with an ISOBUS-compatible terminal, such as the IsoMatch Tellus PRO or the IsoMatch Tellus GO+, the Andex 1304 PRO becomes a fully ISOBUS-compatible rake that can be conveniently operated from the tractor seat.

The Future of Farming – IsoMatch FarmCentre

IsoMatch FarmCentre is a wireless telematics solution for machinery optimisation and fleet management, suitable for all Kverneland and ISOBUS machines. IsoMatch Tellus PRO or IsoMatch Tellus GO+ become the gateway to connect machines to the cloud and consequently, allow a user’s device to control the fleet in real-time, send and receive tasks from the implements, receive alerts and analyse the collected data in pre-defined reports. All these features are included in an easy-to-use intuitive web application that works with any smart device like a laptop, tablet, or phone. IsoMatch FarmCentre also contains an exclusive Agronomic Tools module to integrate external software on demand such as agrirouter or specific FMIS like MyDataPlant.

Farmer Experience – IsoMatch FarmCentre x Vicon RO-M GEOSPREAD

Carlo van de Lagemaat from Woudenberg in the Netherlands has been using the Vicon RO-M GEOSPREAD together with IsoMatch FarmCentre for quite a while on his dairy farm. He says it helps him every day, and he cannot imagine farming without it. Check out the video to learn more about these products and how they can benefit you!

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The best companions to your IsoMatch terminal – IsoMatch Accessories

All the IsoMatch accessories in a row, showcasing how they can benefit you in your daily life on the field in combination with your IsoMatch Terminal.