Vicon Andex 1254 - 1304

Four rotor CompactLine and ProLine versions

Working width between 10.0-12.5m

Master Productivity and Accuracy with the Andex 1254 and Andex 1304

The Andex 1254 and Andex 1304 are designed to make lighter work of tough conditions and boost raking capacity with a 12.5m working width. They master high capacity and easy operation by focussing on the elements that really matter. Working width can be adjusted hydraulically between 10.0-12.5m, and transport height is well below 4.0m, even with tine arms mounted.

The Advantages:

  • High capacity four-rotor rake with 12.5m working width
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working width - can be set between 10 and 12.50m and swath width between 1.20-2.20m
  • Enhanced headland management with an adjustable time delay between the front and rear rotors.
  • Highly manoeuvrable – will do sharp turns up to 80⁰
  • 4m transport height, even with all tine arms mounted
  • Easy and intuitive control function.
  • Maintenance-free TerraLink Quattro rotor suspension system

4m Transport Height

The Andex 1254 and 1304 (Pro) give no reason for wasting time, not even when moving between fields. Just raise the rotors and off you go, securely below 4m transport height. There is no need to leave the tractor to remove tines arms. Large transport wheels and hydraulic brakes are standard.


For storage all tines arms are detachable to allow a storage height as low as 3.40m. A strong and stable storage foot ensures fast and trouble-free coupling and uncoupling.

Headland Management

The Vicon rake models Andex 1254 and 1304 (Pro) come with enhanced headland management. In addition to high ground clearance of rotors during headland turns it is possible to tailor time delay between lifting/lowering the front and rear rotors to driving speed and field conditions. This is done mechanically in an easy and uncomplicated way.

Sharp Turning

  • The Andex 1254 will do sharp turns of up to 80⁰, both on headlands and during transport when passing narrow gate ways.
  • The rotors can, as a standard feature, lift pairwise which is convenient for raking crop away from fence lines or when raking low crop fields.

10-12.5m Working Width

The hydraulic adjustment of working and swath width allows you to customise swath intensity and width to the capacity of the following machine, conveniently handled and controlled from the tractor seat. Working width can be set between 10 and 12.50m and swath width can be adjusted between 1.20 and 2.20m, adding the necessary flexibility.

TerraLink Quattro

  • Vicon rotary rakes are designed to do well-shaped and clean swaths, achieved by precision in every part of the raking.
  • The ground contour following ability is important to avoid dirt in the swath - especially in uneven field conditions.
  • The TerraLink Quattro system controls the rotor in 3 dimensions, with a unique combination of an undercarriage with 4 wheels and a specially designed rotor suspension system. This ensures superb raking performance, even at higher forward speeds.
  • Maintenance-free system - no pivots or joints to wear out.
  • Automatic rotor suspension, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Built-in pressure bias on front wheels prevents lifting and tine bounce.
  • Optimum ground following for clean raking at high forward speeds. All wheels are positioned close to the tines.