Vicon EXTRA 532 - 540 - Trailed Mowers

Trailed Pull-Type Vicon Disc Mower with Responsive Floatation and Sideward Adaption

Working width of 3.2 and 4.0m

A User-Friendly Trailed Pull-Type Disc Mower

Vicon EXTRA 532 and EXTRA 540 are easy to operate and have a low power requirement which reduces the fuel consumption and therefore allow the mowers to be used with smaller tractors.
Based on a responsive floatation system Vicon EXTRA 532 and EXTRA 540 have a remarkable ability to adapt to the ground structure which improves the grass flow and provides a gentler handling of the crop.
It also protects the cutterbar from unforesseen obstacles which may occur.
Vicon EXTRA 532 and EXTRA 540 have a sideward adaption which allows a movement up and down of 8.5° to each side – in total 17°.

The Advantages:

  • Working width: 3.20m and 4.0m
  • Responsive Floatation ensures an even pressure across the entire cutterbar in uneven conditions
  • Easy to connect to every tractor.
  • Outstanding ground following ability
  • Fully welded EXTRA cutterbar with triangular discs.

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width Weight Power Req, Min
EXTRA 532 3.18m 1220kg 48/65 kW/hp
EXTRA 540 3.94m 1340kg 63/85 kW/hp

Responsive Floatation

  • Exceptional ability to adapt to the ground conditions
  • Ensures an even pressure across the entire cutterbar in uneven conditions.
  • The range is 17’2” upwards and 8’4” downwards

Sideward Adaption

  • Sideward adaption which allows a movement up and down of 8.5° degrees to each side – in total 17°.
  • Generates many benefits when working on hillsides or along ditches, and also makes it easier to control the unit on headlands.

EXTRA Cutterbar

  • The EXTRA cutterbar is designed for low maintenance and offers a very quiet operation.
  • Operators will immediately love the virtually quiet operation of the new cutterbar – convenient during a long and busy working day
  • Fully welded cutterbar for a very strong construction.
  • Even number of contrarotating discs for improved overlap.
  • Three bladed discs for more cuts.
  • Smooth stone guard design for excellent cutting quality.
  • High oil capacity ensuring low working temperature.
  • Low noise level thanks to specially tooled gear wheels.
  • Twisted knives for a clean cut in all conditions.

Protection of Cutterbar

  • To offer maximum protection of the cutterbar, these machines are fitted with the well-known Vicon BreakAway solution.
  • When encountering an obstacle, the BreakAway will swing the machine backwards and over the obstacle, returning it to the original working position once the obstacle has been passed

Swivel Hitch Gearbox

  • The gearbox is fixed to the mainframe in order to ensure less movement during operation
  • Provides unlimited rotational movement between the machine and the tractor.
  • Makes it easier to perform sharp turns