Vicon Bromex CXF

Folding chopper in large working width

The new folding chopper Bromex CXF is an agri chopper suitable for grassland renewal, maize, sunflower and sorghum shredding. With a working width of 5.60m, the Bromex CXF 560 is folded for transport position to 2.5m. This important feature together with its unique performance makes the Bromex CXF chopper the ideal choice for contractors and professional farmers.  Special focus has been given to reduce operating costs in terms of power and fuel consumption, with power requirements starting from only 130hp.

The rotors of the new Bromex CXF can be equipped with universal or hammer blades; their special design guarantee lifting of the residues even in wet conditions and avoid uncut stubble especially in tractor wheels tracks. The rotors running over 2000rpm ensure excellent cutting performance also at higher driving speed.

As standard equipment, the Vicon Bromex CXF is offered with a rear roller of 245mm diameter for a constant depth control; the bearings are integrated and protected and do not need regular greasing. As an option, the rear roller can be replaced by 4 pivoting wheels (10/8.0x12.8). The accessories offered are completed by double skin and 2nd counter knife in order to extend life of the chassis respectively to get finer chopped residues.