Vicon FastBale

Non-stop fixed chamber baler-wrapper combination.

 Vicon FastBale

 Fixed Chamber Baler

The art of round baling took a massive leap forward with the unveiling of FastBale – a revolutionary non-stop round baler wrapper combination that cleverly integrates a pre-chamber with a main chamber and a wrapper. Machine layout is truly innovative with two chambers arranged in series, allowing a number of rollers to be shared. Operating as a pre-chamber, the first section of FastBale produces two-thirds of the bale. As the pre-chamber reaches its preset density, crop flow is diverted into the main bale chamber allowing baling to continue.

FastBale represents two world firsts: it is currently the World’s only non-stop fixed chamber baler and secondly, it is the World’s only non-stop fixed chamber baler wrapper combination.

FastBale has received multiple awards including:

  • Machine of the Year award at Sima 2015
  • Silver medal at Sima 2015
  • Silver medal at Agribex-Brussel 2015
  • Award for outstanding Technical Novelty at Fima, in Spain, 2016
  • New Product or Innovation award at LAMMA show in UK, 2016
  • Harvest Machinery Winner 2016 award at IMMA, Cereals in UK, 2016

The Advantages:

  • Non-stop baling and wrapping.The new standard for maximum output
  • Baling non-stop saves 15-18 seconds for every bale made
  • No compromise on bale quality
  • New Wrapping concept
  • Simple Bale transfer from baler to the wrapper
  • Gentle Bale Discharge
  • Compact size: easy field access and stress free road transport
  • Fully automatic operation, with animated real time display

Non-Stop baling

How FastBale Works

FastBale features two bale chambers – a full sized main chamber and a pre-chamber which is about two thirds of the size of the main chamber.

Baling starts in the conventional manner with the main chamber producing the first bale. However, once the bale is fully formed, instead of having to stop to apply the net, FastBale diverts the crop flow to the pre-chamber.

This allows the net to be applied to the bale in the main chamber and for the bale to be ejected onto the wrapper. When the pre-chamber is full, the incoming crop flow, together with the pre-compressed crop are both then transferred into the main bale chamber. Here the bale is formed to its final size and density.

1. The bale is formed in the main bale chamber in the conventional manner until the required density is reached.   

2. When the bale is fully formed, the crop flow, is diverted to pre-chamber, while net is applied to the completed bale.

3. The tailgate opens and the completed bale rolls directly on to the wrapper by gravity.

4. The wrapper is raised to its working position and wrapping commences.

5.Crop flow continues to fill the pre-chamber until the pre-set density is reached.

6. Crop flow and pre-compressed crop are transferred to the main bale chamber.

Superb intake performance

Massive Intake rotor with a huge appetite!

Huge 800 mm diameter intake rotor equipped with 50 Hardox® tines, gives unrivalled intake capacity. Close mounting of the pick-up to the rotor eliminates any dead areas when working in short crops while the 25-knife SuperCut chopping system features group selection giving a choice 6, 12, 13, 25 knives to match all conditions, all backed up with the security of a drop floor in case of blockage.

2.2m extra wide pick-up

FastBale’s pick-up is equipped with 5 tine bars, with each bar supported by two intermediate bearings, while a cam track at both ends reduces cam loadings by 50%, giving assured long term durablity.

A unique internal drive system keeps overall width to a minimum, with the result that pick-up guide wheels do not need to be removed or folded for transport, reducing unproductive time between jobs.

Simple Bale transfer

Complex bale transfer systems have been completely eliminated. The wrapper is lowered to receive the bale directly from the main bale chamber.

The wrap-around main frame also avoids any risk of a bale being lost over the back of the wrapper when working on sloping land, improving operational safety compared to other systems.

Smart wrapping concept

FastBale’s innovative wrapping system incorporates twin satellites which rotate about the vertical axis, with the bale supported on two powered rollers. This layout substantially reduces the space required for rotation of the film, resulting in a more compact machine, faster operation and higher precision in wrapping.

Film on Film

FastBale is available with a film on film option. Some of the benefits of this technique include improved silage quality,easier handling and feeding out of bales and simpler recycling of plastic waste.

FastBale non-stop technology brings added benefits when working with Film-on-Film.

Conventional baler-wrappers have to stop to apply net to the bale, which takes at least 5 seconds, plus more time to open/close the tailgate. Wrapping with net replacement film needs more wraps due to the ‘tail’ which has to be formed at beginning and end of cycle.

This results in the binding cycle taking over 10 seconds – so at least 5 seconds extra spent stationary for every bale made.

FastBale continues baling during binding so all of this time is saved.

Gentle bale discharge and bale turner

FastBale has a unique method of discharging the wrapped bale. When wrapping is complete, the rear roller is lifted. This gently places the bale onto the ground, rather than rolling it off the wrapping table, greatly reducing the risk of the bale rolling away when working on sloping land.

Bale turner

The optional bale turner allows wrapped bales to be discharged on their end, where the increased number of film layers provides enhanced protection against damage from coarse crop stubbles or stones.

The innovative yet simple design utilises the lifting action of FastBale’s wrapper frame to turn the bale while still on the move, maintaining the non-stop capability of FastBale, with no requirement for any additional hydraulic functions.

This ingenious solution is very compact – during the bale wrapping process the bale turner is stowed under the front wrapper roller, with the result that FastBale retains its class leading compact dimensions in both work and transport. A further plus point is that the bale turner does not need to be folded away manually prior to road transport. If the bale turner is not required, it can be left in place and simply locked in its parked position with the operating link disconnected, allowing bales to be discharged in the conventional manner.



Reliability and driveline

FastBale has been built with maximum reliability in mind and incorporates many features to increase long term durability:

  • Integrated main input gearbox with 1000 rpm input speed distributes drive to the various elements while keeping loading on the PTO shaft and tractor PTO clutch to a minimum.
  • Separate drivelines power the intake rotor, pre-chamber and main bale chamber, with all bale chamber drives handled by heavy duty 1¼” pitch chains.
  • All bale chamber rollers feature 50mm diameter bearings at both ends, with the drive side being equipped with double row roller bearings for maximum load capability.
  • Long life for chamber roller and intake rotor bearings is assured by an automatic greasing system, while chain drives are provided with an automatic lubrication system.

Compact Design

Great Things Come in Small Packages!

Despite its non-stop capability, FastBale is extremely compact. With its pre-chamber located above the large diameter intake rotor and several chamber rollers shared between both bale chambers, mechanical complexity is kept to a minimum.

Combined with its revolutionary vertical folding satellite wrapping system, convenient road transport and easy access to even the tightest of fields is assured.

Easy loading net system

FastBale is equipped with a hydraulically operated net roll lifting device, providing easy loading. The net cradle lifts the roll to the correct position, it then simply slides into the net system.

The device also conveniently stores a spare roll of net.

Convenient film roll changeover

Simple film roll loading using the remote slow speed satellite rotate button. Both rolls can be changed while standing in the same position.

10 roll capacity

Two rolls of film in use, with on machine storage for a further eight rolls.


Fully automatic operation

FastBale provides fully automatic operation. The result is that not only is productivity significantly increased, but stress and fatigue for the operator are reduced. The only operation the operator needs to choose is whether to control the release of the wrapped bale. Elimination of stop-start operation also gives a significant reduction in wear and tear on the tractor transmission.


Smart efficient easy farming


When deciding what equipment to purchase, it is not always easy to find the optimal solution in the broad market offering of today. Technology is developing fast and tractors and implements are more and more equipped with high tech electronics. We understand this complexity and are committed to provide you with easy farming solutions. Therefore these cost-efficient ISOBUS Universal Terminals, IsoMatch Tellus and IsoMatch Tellus GO+ are made for easy machine control and efficient farming.

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IsoMatch Tellus PRO

With its advanced hardware and software features, the IsoMatch Tellus PRO provides the optimal precision farming solution for an all-in-one control system inside your tractor cab.

IsoMatch Tellus PRO is the centre for connecting all ISOBUS machines and a platform for running precision farming applications. It offers everything you need to get the maximum out of your machines and crops, as well as cost savings in fertiliser, chemicals and seeds by using automatic section control and variable rate control. With the unique dual screen functionality it gives you the opportunity to view and control two machines and processes simultaneously.

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IsoMatch Tellus GO+

Work easy. Be in control.

The new IsoMatch Tellus GO+ offers a more powerful processor, allowing for significantly faster responsiveness and increasing the ease of navigation. The IsoMatch Tellus GO+ can handle demanding applications like IsoMatch FarmCentre, allowing advanced features and remote connection to your implement for a higher yield at less cost.

Ease of setting up the machine with the soft keys and simple use of the hard keys and rotary switch for optimal control while driving remains the trademark of  the IsoMatch Tellus GO+ terminal, and is testimony to Vicon's commitment to bring farmers the most advanced technologies to improve productivity and efficiency.

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IsoMatch MultiEye

IsoMatch MultiEye is an accessory for connecting multiple cameras to the IsoMatch Universal Terminals.

With the IsoMatch MultiEye you can connect multiple cameras to the IsoMatch Tellus PRO or IsoMatch Tellus GO+ Terminal. You can easily switch between the cameras without the need for an additional screen in you tractor cabin. It gives you full control and overview of the entire machine operation during day and night, because of its night vision by integrated LED’s. This increases the safety when reversing the machine or manoeuvring around obstructions.

You can connect up to four IsoMatch Eye cameras and easily switch between the cameras with the remote control box which is standard included.

Full control and overview of entire machine operation from every side you want.

Night vision by integrated LED’s which increases the safety when reversing the machine or manoeuvring around obstructions.