A Wide Product History Portfolio

Here you will find some brochures of the Vicon products which have been important developments for the Vicon product range as from today. Click on the picture to download the complete brochure.


Vicon RakesVicon Rakes
The Vicon finger wheel rake is introduced in 1949. The next important development was the Acrobat, the well-known high capacity rake and swath turner.


Vicon Disc Mowers
The Discus mower range is introduced in 1976 in combination with the Vicon triangular disc.

Field Sprayers-bilde

Vicon Sprayers
 In 1984 the foundation was layed for the Vicon sprayer range.


Rivierre-Casalis Round Baler
The Rivierre-Casalis brand was a well-established baler brand inFrancein the 70'ties and 80'ties. The company was taken over by Vicon in the 80'ties, being one of the reasons for strong position vicon holds today within balers.

Vicon Balers
Launch of the Vicon HP 1600 high density big baler in 1983, the first electro-hydraulically baler that really could bale proper silage.

Fertiliser Spreaders-bilde

Vicon Spreaders
 The world famous pendulum spreader is introduced in 1957.


Vicon Electronics
In 1981 Vicon became a development centre of farm electronics and opens its own Mechatronics competence centre.