Plain Mowers

Plain Mowers - VICON EXTRA 117 - 122 - 124 - REAR MOUNTED MOWERS, quiet during operation and maintenance friendly

Vicon EXTRA 117 - 122 - 124 - Rear Mounted Mowers

Compact side mounted Vicon disc mowers

Working width of 1.70-2.40m


Vicon EXTRA 228 - 232 - Rear Mounted Disc Mowers

Side mounted plain Vicon disc mowers with working angles of up to 35°.

Working widths of 2.40, 2.80 & 3.20m 


Vicon EXTRA 328 - 332 - 336 - 340 - Rear Mounted Disc Mowers

Centre suspended disc mowers up to 125° vertical transport position

Working width of 2.8-4.0m


Vicon EXTRA 390 - 395 - Rear Mounted Disc Mowers

Vicon Disc mower butterfly combinations with low weight and high working width.

Working width of 8.70-9.50m

Plain Mowers - VICON EXTRA 324F ALPIN - FRONT MOUNTED ALPINE DISC MOWER, made for mountain regions and hilly conditions with its stable gravity point and excellent visibility

Vicon EXTRA 324F Alpin - Front Mounted Alpine Disc Mower

Tailor-made for use in mountain regions, the EXTR∆ 324F Alpin offers an interesting package.  


Vicon EXTRA 328F - 332F - Front Mounted Disc Mower

Front mounted plain disc mowers with low weight and very responsive headstock design.

Working width of 2.80-3.20m

Plain Mowers - Vicon EXTRA 332XF, designed for narrow swathing and wide spreading, first front disc mower with with an actively driven swath former

Vicon EXTRA 332XF - Front Mounted Disc Mower

The EXTRA 332XF is the first front disc mower with an actively driven swath former, designed for both narrow swathing and wide spreading.

Working width of 3.20m

Plain Mowers - VICON EXTRA 432H - 436H - 440H - REAR MOUNTED DISC MOWERS, a disc mower with hydraulic suspension and high performance during field operation

Vicon EXTRA 432H - 436H - 440H - Rear Mounted Disc Mowers

Centre mounted Vicon disc mowers with hydraulic suspension

Working width of 3.20, 3.60 and 4.00m

Plain Mowers - VICON EXTRA 532 - 540 - TRAILED MOWERS, sideward adaption for optimal flexibility and user friendly

Vicon EXTRA 532 - 540 - Trailed Mowers

Trailed Pull-Type Vicon Disc Mower with Responsive Floatation and Sideward Adaption

Working width of 3.2 and 4.0m