Disc Spreaders

Vicon RotaFlow RO-C

The RO-C is the smallest and most compact spreader in the range. 

Spreading Equipment - Vicon RotaFlow RO-M, spreader for the medium size segment, also 8 vanes per disc so its operating effectively

Vicon RotaFlow RO-M

The RO-M spreader is the master of the medium segment. 

Disc Spreaders - Vicon RotaFlow Ro-M EW, low weight perfect for small growers, operates precisely on uneven terrain, comes with ISOBUS system

Vicon RotaFlow RO-M EW

Spreading the Easy Way with the RO-M EW weighing spreader. 

Disc Spreaders - Vicon RotaFlow Ro-M GEOSPREAD, intelligent spreading with GPS controll for medium size segment


Intelligent spreading with the RO-M GEOSPREAD and RotaFlow system.

Disc Spreaders - Vicon RotaFlow RO-XL, provides long range spreadi, optimal with more capacity

Vicon RotaFlow RO-XL

The RO-XL is the high capacity spreader of the range. 

Disc Spreaders - Vicon RotaFlow RO-EDW, operating efficient and providing long range spreading

Vicon RotaFlow RO-EDW

RO-EDW top of the range weighing spreader.

Disc Spreaders - Vicon RotaFlow RO-EDW GEOSPREAD, operating effectively and precise during field operation


Get the perfect spreading result with intelligent spreading using RO-EDW GEOSPREAD.

Disc Spreaders - Vicon RotaFlow XXL GEOSPREAD,  spreading during efficient and precise operation on field


A high speed disc spreader, with a spreading width up to 45 metres. 

Disc Spreaders - Vicon Spreader Competence Center, modern testing center for Vicon spreaders in the Netherlands, environment friendly testing

Vicon Spreader Competence Centre

Ultra-modern test facility for Vicon spreaders.

Disc Spreaders - Vicon Spreading Charts, advice for each Vicon spreader, helps during operation

Vicon Spreading Charts

Exact advice for each Vicon spreader at any working width, application rate or driving speed.