Vicon Feedex 650 - 780

The Feedex 650 and 780 are specifically developed for dry crop material like hay and straw and offers capacities of 65 and 78m³. The RotoControl intake system with 5 feeder arms is designed for high capacity and maximum throughput. Vicon combines proven forage wagon technology with an arm-controlled feeder unit to create a high-performance machine that meets the highest demands.


The advantages:

  • Capacities of 65-78m3
  • easy ISOBUS Operation via Terminal
  • Quiet-running and spring-loaded tandem axle.
  • RotoControl intake system with 5 feeder arms.
  • Standard roller crop guard.
  • 8-knife cutting system with individual spring protection.


Technical Specifications: 

  Load Capacity to DIN Load Capacity, Medium Compression Max Weight
Feedex 650 ISOBUS 37m³ 65m³ 9000kg
Feedex 780 ISOBUS 44m³ 78m³ 12000kg

Pick-Up Unit

  • The 1.85m pick-up unit, standard on Feedex 300, 360, 390, 440, 650 and 780, collects the crop as cleanly as a rake.
  • 1.65m pick-up on Alpex 220, 280 and Feedex 300 and 360 S/T.
  • The pick-up boasts five rows of tines with 56mm tine spacing
  • Roller crop press for even flow of material into the chamber.
  • Pivoting 15" pick-up guide wheels.
  • Robust pick-up driveline for reliable operation.

Roller crop press is standard

Robust Driveline

RotoControl Feed Unit

  • The RotoControl feed unit ensures maximum throughput.
  • Up to 5 swing arms ensure a gentle and efficient feed of material into the chamber.
  • The wide double-finger tines move the crop efficiently towards the cutting knives without friction or crop loss.
  • Pre-chopping system with 33 knives.
  • Theoretical chopping lenght of 40mm.
  • Individual spring protection of the knives.
  • Should a blockage occur, the feed unit is lowered hydraulically for easy unblocking. No need to leave the tractor.

RotoControl with 5 feed

Wide double finger input tines

Pre-chopping system with a total of 33 knives

Strong Chamber Design

  • Strong steel side with U-channel steel frame and stanchions.
  • The vertical side plates move the material to the rear of chamberm ensuring a full load.
  • Alpex 220, 280, Feedex 300, 360S and 360T are fitted with foldable hay extension.
  • Feedex 390 and 440 features a full-steel body.
  • Sensors warn when the chamber is full.

ISOBUS Control

IsoMatch Tellus GO

  • The IsoMatch Tellus GO is a Universal ISOBUS Terminals and has a new multifunctional one-screen terminal.
  • It is developed for fast and simple control of any ISOBUS implement, giving the farmer a ‘custom made’ experience as it suits all needs for plain and efficient handling of farming machinery and tasks.
  • With the easy to use application, Isomatch GEOCONTROL, it is possible to boost efficiency and save time and costs. The application includes Manual Guidance, Section Control and Variable Rate.
  • Whether it is used with fertiliser spreaders, sprayers or seed drills, Precision Farming is just one click away.

IsoMatch Tellus Terminal

  • The IsoMatch Tellus is also a virtual terminal, offering two Interface screens in one terminal.
  • The large 12” easily programmable touch screen offers ergonomic use and is designed for long days of operation.
  • Due to the increasing number of functionalities that can be added to a machine such as cameras, the operator can use the loader wagon interface in the top screen and a camera display in the bottom screen, to monitor the unloading process.
  • Another possibility is to use the loader wagon interface in the top screen and the tractor interface screen at the bottom.