Vicon Toptiller TT-H

The Vicon Toptiller TT-H  is a robust medium power harrow constructed for effective operation in most conditions.

Vicon is introducing the new TT-H rigid power harrow. It is an updated and evolved version of the existing TT-18 series which has been improved following demands and requirements of professional farmers.

Starting from the well-known and reliable TT-18 models, designers have been able to reduce the weight (by 65kg on a comparable 3m TT-25) and increase strength of the horizontal transmission whilst keeping the interchangeability of the main components and integrations with all Vicon seeders. Simpler adjustments together with excellent field performance will make the new mid-sized TT-H series power harrow a worldwide success. 

The Advantages:

  • High reliability; horizontal transmission self-supporting frame for increased strength and weight reduction
  • Improved centre of gravity for reduced lifting capacity
  • Unique features – the TT-H, like all Vicon power harrows, works with 4 rotors per metre of trough
  • Max. versatility – easy and simple combination with all types of seed drills (integrated or via triangle)
  • Optimum performance and low power consumption is achieved by the closer inter-tine carrier distance (25cm) and helical tine drive layout
  • New tooth packer design with reduced weight (-60 kg on 3m) with maintenance-free bearings..
Model Working width (m) No. of rotors/tines Weight with packer roller (kg)
TT-H 3.0 12/24 1590
TT-H 3.5 14/28 1770
TT-H 4.0 16/32 1920