Vicon Toptiller TT-F30

The Vicon foldable Power Harrow TT-F30 is designed for tractors
up to 300 hp.

The Vicon foldable power harrow TT-F30 with working widths from 4.0 to 6.0m completes the product range of Vicon power harrows. Designed to meet the needs of large-scale harrowing, the Vicon TT-F30 offers all features developed in over 40 years experiences with PTO driven equipment.

The Vicon TT-F30 is based on an innovative trough design that does not require any lateral frame. This saves weight and gives the machine a clear design. The ViconTT-F30 works with 4 rotors per metre of trough. Optimum tillage performance and low power consumption is achieved by the closer inter-tine carrier distances (25cm). In addition the helical tines configuration combined with 95mm of rotor clearance allow perfect soil levelling and preparation.

The Advantages:

  • Efficient performance with lower weight
  • Minimum power requirements and reduced fuel consumption
  • Great versatility to carry seeding equipment
  • Wide offer of rear rollers
Model Working / transport width No. of rotors Weight with packer roller
TT-F30 4.00m/2.50m 12 2550 kg
TT-F30 4.50m/2.50m 18 2950 kg
TT-F30 5.00m/2.50m 20 3250 kg
TT-F30 6.00m/2.50m 24 3650 kg