Vicon Tinetiller TR/TS

The tasks of modern soil preparation are multifunctional.

The range of Vicon semi-mounted cultivators is available with 3 configurations for the adjustment to the individual requirements.

Config. 3 rows, inter-tine spacing 330mm: large row and inter-tine spacing, available with front discs. For larger amounts of residue.

  • Config. 3 rows, inter-tine spacing 270mm: large row spacing, compatible with front discs, perfect for universal application.
  • Config. 4 rows, inter-tine spacing 200mm: reduced row and tine spacing.

The equipment possibilities of the Vicon Tinetiller TR/TS are as versatile as your demands, with a choice of different implement combinations and variants Vicon offer the possibility to equip the Tinetiller TR/TS to meet your individual needs.

The Vicon Tinetiller TR/TS offers total flexibility with:

  • 3 possible tine spacings
  • 2 tine variants
  • 8 types of shares
  • Front Cutting or Mixing discs
  • 4 types of levelling devices
  • 4 types of rear roller

This ensuring optimum mixing and intensive cultivation. A maximum working depth of 30cm is possible.

The Advantages:

  • Under beam clearance 830 and 870mm and tine spacing up to 330mm for blockage free operation
  • 3 or 4 rows of tines on the same frame possible
  • Fantastic hollow tine technology with high vibration, flexibility and low power consumption
  • Wide range of shares available to cope with all soil conditions
  • Large choice of rear accessories under a parallelogram able to leave a rough and weather proof top layer up to a fine seedbed
  • Stubble cultivation and loosening from 5 to 35cm 
Model Working width (m) No. of rows Power requirement
Min./Max. HP
Tinetiller TR/TS 400 4.0 3 (spacing 270 or 330mm) or 4 (spacing 200mm) 145 / 280
Tinetiller TR/TS 500 5.0 3 (spacing 270 or 330mm) or 4 (spacing 200mm) 175 / 320
Tinetiller TR/TS 600 6.0 3 (spacing 270 or 330mm) or 4 (spacing 200mm) 205 / 360