Vicon Tinetiller R/FR-S/FS

The Tinetiller offers a large product range to suit all farm sizes and to carry out all cultivation operations: mixing, levelling, soil loosening, aeration, re-compaction.

Vicon Tinetiller –
adapted to your personal requirements
Crumbling, mixing, levelling, soil loosening, aeration, re-compaction, these are all the various operations which have to be carried out by cultivators, and even under the most varied soil conditions: shallow stubble to deep loosening from 5 to 30cm working depth.To comply with all these requirements, there are 2 models of the product range Vicon cultivators:

  • Tinetiller « R » with R-Mix tine with shear bolt or non-stop safety system for deep operation down to 35 cm working depth
  • Tinetiller « S » with double coil tine for shallow to medium operation – down to working depth of 25 cm.

Due to its inner angle the R-Mix tine ensures good soil penetration; the semi-curved form supports the mixing and incorporation of crop residues. With the high underbeam clearance of 870mm and the heavy duty design it allows cultivation down to 35cm.
The pig tail tine: Tinetiller «S»  is an agro-economical alternative for working depth down to 25cm. The special design of the SR35 tine with a coil of 160mm ensures high reliability also in stony conditions due to its capacity to absorb shocks and to move around obstacles. At the same time it offers longitudinal and lateral vibrations to increase the crumbling and loosening effect. It can be, therefore, used for shallow stubble cultivation as well as for deep soil loosening down to 25cm. The underbeam clearance of 870mm and the inter-tine spacing of 290mm ensures blockage free cultivation. The wide range of rear roller guaranteed a good re-compaction.

Model Working widht (m) No. of tines Power requirement (min/max hp)
Tinetiller R 3.0/3.5/4.0 10/12/14 120-300
Tinetiller FR 3.8/4.9 13/17 165-350
Tinetiller S 3.0/3.5/4.0 10/12/14 100-300
Tinetiller FS 3.8/4.9 13/17 120-350