Vicon Polymag 2

The Polymag is the straw incorporator with a working width from 3.0 to 5.0m to use straight after the combine, to destroy weed seeds and incorporate straw, with high clearance under beam and leg spacing for blockage free operation.

The 2-bar generation of the Polymag 2 is getting all the new recently designed innovation from the Tinetiller 3-bar range.

It is able to work with high HP tractors up to 240 resp. 300 hp, and is getting the full range of accessories available to optimise incorporation and levelling. The Polymag 2 is extremely versatile from shallow cultivation of 5 cm down to loosening at 40cm deep. Available from 3.0m up to 5.0m, the Polymag 2 tines are providing the best crumbling by creating smaller aggregates, encouraging an easy incorporation of the residues with the disc gangs behind. The wing shares (440 mm) ensure an extremely shallow cultivation (5cm) on the full working width.

The Advantages:

  • 870mm underbeam clearance and 370mm average tine spacing for blockage-free operation
  • Breaks up soil compaction and plough pans to depths of 40cm
  • Tine designed to guarantee penetration even in extreme conditions
  • Flexible maintenance-free tines, providing high vibration through the ground for cracking and crumbling
  • 2-bar frame compact cultivator to match with low tractor power
  • Stubble cultivation at 5cm possible with wing shares, with intermediate spacing of 370mm
Model Working width (m) Frame Power requirement (hp)
Polymag2 300 3.0 rigid 240
Polymag2 350 3.5 rigid 240
Polymag2 400 4.0 rigid 240
Polymag2 400F 4.0 hydr. folding 300
Polymag2 500F 5.0 hydr. folding 300