Vicon Flextiller

Versatile trailed cultivator with 5 rows in working width of 6.5m and 8m.

Vicon presents the trailed cultivator Flextiller in working width of 6.5m and 8m.

The Vicon Flextiller has been designed with 5 rows of tines for all kind of soil cultivation: stubble cultivation after harvesting from 3cm to 15cm, seedbed preparation after ploughing and also shallow working in spring or 2nd stubble cultivation after manure/slurry and after green fertiliser crops.

The Advantages:

  • Under beam clearance of 700mm and long distance between rows from 510 to 900mm for a perfect soil flow without blockages
  • Extremely flexible S-tine for intensive mixing and stubbling action
  • Low pulling requirement (6,5m–200 hp/8m–300 hp)
  • Stubble cultivation and loosening from 3 to 15cm deep
  • Easy operations with all hydraulic adjustments
Models Flextiller 6500 Flextiller 8000
Number of tines 33 41
Working width (m) 6.18 7.68
Roller width (m) 6.50 8.00
Number of tine rows 5 5
Transport width (m) 3.00 3.00
Row spacing (mm)    from 510mm to 900 mm
Frame box section (mm)   100 x 100 100 x 100
Linkage   Cat III & IV Cat III & IV
Underbeam clearance (mm)   700 700
Regular tine spacing (mm)   19 19
Transport wheels   2 wheels 500/60 x 22,5
Depth wheels   4 wheels 340 / 55 x 16