Vicon Seedbed Cultivators


Vicon Cultimat

Providing an optimum weight distribution, constant depth control and an excellent ability to follow ground contours, the Vicon Cultimat Vibro-cultivators produce an excellent seedbed.

VIC_cultimat pro_0005.jpg

Vicon Cultimat Pro

Thanks to its excellent weight distribution, precise depth control and optimum ability to follow ground contours the Vicon Cultimat Pro seedbed combinations produce a perfect seedbed in all types of soil.


Vicon X-Sem 3

The X-Sem3 is a short mounted combination of 3.0 to 4.0m working width, for light soil with 2 or 3 rows of vibrating straight  tines. Tooth- Tube-, Discpacker-, Rimpacker or Flexipacker roller can be mounted on it. A seed drill can also be integrated.


Vicon Combimat

The Combimat is a heavy-duty precision cultivator designed for the optimum preparation of seedbeds for sugar beet, potatoes and vegetables. 

Vicon Stubble Cultivators


Vicon Tinetiller L/FL

Tinetiller L/FL - For smaller tractors


Vicon Tinetiller L Cut

The Tinetiller L Cut for long residues such as maize, sunflower,oil seed rape, sugar cane, etc.

VIC_Flextiller T_field_001

Vicon Flextiller

Versatile trailed cultivator with 5 rows in working width of 6.5m and 8m.

VIC_tinetiller r_0001.jpg

Vicon Tinetiller R/FR-S/FS

The Tinetiller offers a large product range to suit all farm sizes and to carry out all cultivation operations: mixing, levelling, soil loosening, aeration, re-compaction.


Vicon Tinetiller TR/TS

The tasks of modern soil preparation are multifunctional.


Vicon Polymag 2

The Polymag is the straw incorporator with a working width from 3.0 to 5.0m to use straight after the combine, to destroy weed seeds and incorporate straw, with high clearance under beam and leg spacing for blockage free operation.

Vicon Subsoilers

VIC_terra pl_0002.jpg

Terra PL – The Single Beam Subsoiler

Subsoilers with straight frame allow a blockage free operation to over-come soil compaction in the tracks for a perfect soil restructuring.