Vicon Bromex PA

Light and versatile, but at the same time very efficient

Vicon Bromex PA chopper is suitable for meadow maintenance, grassland renewal, and cleaning of field boundaries. The Bromex PA is light and versatile, but at the same time very efficient due to its high performance rotor.

The Bromex PA is ideally suited for use with low horsepower tractors of up to 50hp, while due to its low power requirement, it still offers a generous working width of 1.80m. Excellent in field performance is provided due to its simple and reliable transmission.

The central gearbox is rated at 50hp and also incorporates an integrated free wheel. Lateral transmission is by three V belts with simple and fast checking for tension for maximum durability.The rotor of the Bromex PA can be equipped with universal or cup blades. It runs at almost 2000rpm and, due to its high number of blades (96 on 1.80m), ensures excellent cutting performance in all conditions.

The Bromex PA is equipped with lateral skids and a self-cleaning rear roller as standard, for a constant control of cutting height. The roller bearings are fully protected for longer greasing intervals. 

The Advantages:

  • Small, light and with low power requirement
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Universal or cup blades
  • Excellent cutting performances in all conditions.

Technical Specifications

Model Working width (m) Weight (kg) No. of universal/cup blades
Bromex PA 1.8 340 96/48