Soil Equipment


Power Harrows

VIC_tt 15_0018.jpg

Vicon Toptiller TT 15

TT 15 is ideal for use on small and medium-sized farms up to 140 hp.


Vicon Toptiller TT-H

The Vicon Toptiller TT-H  is a robust medium power harrow constructed for effective operation in most conditions.

VIC_tt 25_0002.jpg

Vicon Toptiller TT 25

The TT 25 is designed for heavy soil conditions and tractors up to 250 hp.


Vicon Toptiller TT-F20

The Vicon foldable power harrow TT-F20 is the ideal implement for mid class tractors up to 200hp.


Vicon Toptiller TT-F35

The Vicon Foldable Power Harrow TT-F35 is a strong and effective implement designed for tractors up to 350 hp.


Vicon Toptiller TT-F30

The Vicon foldable Power Harrow TT-F30 is designed for tractors
up to 300 hp.

Short disc harrow


Vicon Compactiller

Available in working width of 3 to 7m, the Compactiller is ready for high performance.

VIC_compactiller L_001

Vicon Compactiller L

The Vicon Compactiller L has been designed for operation up to 8cm working depth. 



Vicon Landroller

A strong partner for your farming ...


VI Bromex PA_001

Vicon Bromex PA

The Specialist for Green Areas

VI Bromex CJ_001

Vicon Bromex CJ

 Compact, efficient and versatile

VI Bromex PXD_001

Vicon Bromex PXD

The Bromex PXD is a versatile machine suitable for front and rear tractor mounting

VIC_bromex pm_0001.jpg

Vicon Bromex PM

For tractors up to 80hp - efficient and durable

VIC_bromex pf_0003.jpg

Vicon Bromex PF

A multi-purpose - for chopping grass, pasture, set-aside land and stubble.

VIC_bromex px_0003.jpg

Vicon Bromex PX

Versatile, Useful and Reliable

VIC_bromex cz_0002.jpg

Vicon Bromex CZ

The King of the Choppers

Vicon Bromex M

The multi-purpose chopper


Vicon Bromex M plus

The multi-purpose side pivoting chopper

VI_Bromex CXF_003

Vicon Bromex CXF

Folding chopper in large working width

Bromex CX_field_002.jpg

Vicon Bromex CX

The chopper for specialists