Pneumatic seed drills with front hopper FT-2

As with the Vicon FT-1, the modular mounted construction of the FT-2 gives the tractor maximum balance.

FT-2 - Modular Seed Drill With Front Hopper (6m)
The front hopper FT-2 can be combined with a variety of different types of cultivators of up to 6m working width. The modular design of the components makes them extremely versatile.

The front hopper FT-2 in combination with a cultivator allows soil preparation and seeding in one pass thus saving costs and time. The front hopper FT-2 is available with up to 6m working width for seeds and with up to 9m working width for fertilizer.

In combination with a precision seed drill the front hopper FT-2 can be used for row fertilising. The hopper capacity for seeds is 1650 litres (optional 2200 litres). A hydaulic fan drive and hydraulic lifting of the drive wheel are available as an option.

With the Electronic Metering Device (ESA), this FT model is GPS compatible (with the relevant GPS positioning equipment). Power requirement is from 120 kW.

Model Working width (m) Hopper capacity (l) Weight (kg)
FT-2 5.0 / 6.0 1650 750 – 1440