New and improved IsoMatch Global 3

At Vicon, we are continuously looking at innovations and custom made solutions that will make your life as a farmer easier and more efficient. Ensuring that you can make optimal use of your tractor and implements.

The IsoMatch Global is a GPS antenna with DGPS accuracy, that enables you to easily do the navigation for site specific section control, use variable rate application, manual guidance, and field registration. It is one of the essential accessories for our IsoMatch GEOCONTROL.

Following up our successful IsoMatch Global range, we now have the IsoMatch Global 3. It still looks as fresh and clean as its predecessor, but it now packs an even faster and steadier satellite signal, to ensure the most precise work in the field. The GPS antenna system comes with our standard DGPS accuracy (30-50 cm) and can easily be mounted to your tractor with the mounting brackets.

The benefits of the Global 3 :

  • Allows manual guidance, automatic section control and variable rate in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL
  • DGPS accuracy without additional subscription fees
  • Easy to fit with mounting brackets included.
  • Fast and steady satellite signal
  • Sleek design

Please contact your dealer for more details on this product.