Spreading without worries.

The RO-EDW GEOSPREAD has a hopper volume range from 1,500 – 3900 litres and a maximum spreading width of 54 metres.

The GEOSPREAD® technology on the spreader allows to accurately switch off section by section, from one side to the other, until it gets to the last outer section in a wedged headland for example. This means the 1 metre sections can be switched inside-out and outside-in to keep overlap to the minimum and to save fertiliser. With a maximum of 54 sections and the possibility to switch sections over the middle, unnecessary overlap is set to an absolute minimum. This is depended of you terminal functionalities.

Precision weighing
Sections are controlled by changing both the position of the fertiliser discharge point on the disc and the rate per minute. As the disc speed is not changed during section control, the overlap between both discs is hardly effected to prevent variations in the spreading pattern and section can be switched on and off very quickly. The 4 load cells and reference sensor on the GEOSPREAD spreaders are important features as with section control precision weighing is essential.

Highest Precision in All Conditions
With Vicon's unique reference sensor technology on all GEOSPREAD models, all negative influences from the outside world on the spreading pattern are automatically corrected and eliminated, ensuring utmost spreading precision even on hillsides.