Set the application rate on the move

Set the application rate on the move

Fits to the Complete Medium Segment

The Vicon RO-M disc spreader is medium in size and volume, but comes with the RotaFlow system as standard (with 8 vanes per disc) and can spread up to 28 metres which is very convenient in this segment of the market.

To increase user comfort the RO-M can be equipped with most of the accessories as for the larger spreaders such as aluminium hopper extensions, TrimFlow border spreading system, parking frame and LED lights.

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The Vicon RO-M spreader can be operated hydraulically or electrically. With the electrical controlled RO-M, the spreader can be operated from the tractor cab via the Comfort Control II spreading computer.

The Comfort Control II will increased user comfort by start/stop spreading with a fingertip! The Comfort Control II provides all the functions to start and stop the spreader, to set the right application rate and to increase and decrease the application rate on the move even L/R independently to spread the right amount at the right place.

The application rate is controlled from the closed tractor cab by an electric actuator. The software includes an intuitive calibration guide which leads you step by step through the calibration procedure.



22. June 2020