Relaxed Work, Intuitive Controls

Relaxed Work, Intuitive Controls

After taking over a lease near his parents' home, Robert Journath now runs a company called Hay Foder. The company sells horse feed and operates a contracting service. Since they started up, they have expanded, both in terms of machinery and in terms of the area that they cover.

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Robert, who likes new machines and technology, chose FastBale because he wanted to be first with something in the area and he thinks it is an innovative idea - which you never have to stop.

"With this baler, I am productive all day, and I never have to stop," he says.

He appreciates the simplicity of the machine and its intuitive touch screen controls. Above all, a beginner can easily learn the machine. For his employees, a description by phone is enough, and they are up and running.

"Because the Vicon FastBale is so simple, it's very easy to just sit back and let the baler do its bit," says Robert. The large capacity feed rotor's ability to handle both large and small amounts of material are much appreciated. For example, when there is little material, the pick-up is very efficient at picking up the smallest amount.

For Robert it is clear:

FastBale is simply the most efficient and convenient way to go baling!

6. July 2020