Bromex M plus- High performance rotor with fast rotation speed ensures superb chopping performance in tough conditions

Whether it is for road maintenance, fieldwork, garden tasks or orchard care, you can count on the superior power, performance and versatility of the Bromex M plus choppers.

Due to the possibility of different working angle positions, the Bromex M plus is a highly versatile solution for farming and road maintenance purposes. Compact but robust it offers superb manoeuvrability and provides a high level of reliability.

Compared to the standard Bromex M chopper, the plus version offers greater offset and reaches positions and working angles impossible to get to with other machines.

In addition the Bromex plus can be combined with a front mounted chopper (Bromex PF or PXD), to maximise working width. 

See Bromex M plus (combination with front chopper Bromex PXD) in action: