A more productive wrapping solution with High Speed Pack (HSP)

For many years, bale wrapping technology could easily be classified into two distinct categories - traditional turntable wrappers, and higher performance satellite wrappers. The High Speed Pack (HSP) brings the output capacity of the turntable wrappers close to the working speed of a satellite wrapper in the best working conditions, but at a more reasonable cost.

The HSP is a combination of two developments. The first, DuoWrap allows wrapping with two film rolls at the same time. Achieving film overlap of 66%, the time to cover the bale is reduced by one third. The second development, named OptiSpeed, is electronic control of the wrapper table rotation speed. The OptiSpeed optimises the rotation speed of the table to allow the fastest wrapping possible in all conditions without being limited to fixed values.

Find out how HSP works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdQy6GMLIpE