Vicon Loader Wagon Product Range – made for various terrain and demands

With the Vicon Loader Wagon range, we are offering models from very hilly terrain and low heights up to higher performing rotor loader wagons for farmers and contractors.

The Vicon Loader Wagon range covers a big range of capacities with smooth and efficient systems.

The Feeder Comb Range:

Alpex 220-280 with its low profile and low centre of gravity it guarantees absolute stable and safe operation on slopes, under trees and in low buildings. Ideally set up for alpine conditions and for meadow orchards with up to 16 knives and optional 4 feeder combs.

More information about Alpex 220 - 280


Feedex 300 - 440 (ISOBUS) are the multi-purpose machines in the feeder comb range. With its optional up to 33 knives add on in two groups, its possible to adapt it accordingly to silage or hay. Whereas the Models Feedex 300 and 360S are equipped with a four feeder comb system, the next bigger Tandem Models Feedex 360T and 390 can optionally be equipped with five feeder combs (Feedex 440 serial with five feeder combs and ISOBUS operation).

More information about Feedex 300 - 440  and Feedex-390-440


Feedex 650 and 780 (ISOBUS) are specialists for dry hay loading with its big capacity of up to 78 m² mid compression and low empty weight. Its equipped with a five feeder comb system and the possibility to add up to eight knives. The ISOBUS operation is serial equipment.

More information about Feedex 650  - 780


The Rotor Wagon Range:

ISOBUS models Rotex 400, 450 and 550 (with discharge roller 402, 452 and 552) are a step into professional loading with a maintenance-free design, its powerful pickup without cam trac and its V-Max Rotor ensures a gentle and accurate cutting performance.

More information about the Rotor Wagon Range

29. April 2019