Vicon Agritechnica News 2019

At Agritechnica 2019 Vicon will present the latest developments in agricultural technology. Here we present some of the new products and solutions from Vicon, which you can find at our stand in Hannover

Vicon news at Agritechnica

Bromex M Plus - Compact and easy

Due to the possibility of different working angle positions, the Bromex M Plus is a highly versatile solution for farm and road maintenance purposes. Compact but robust it offers superb manoeuvrability and provides a high level of reliability.

Compared to the standard Bromex M chopper, the plus version offers greater offset (1255mm) and reaches positions and working angles impossible to get to with other machines. In addition the Bromex M Plus can be combined with a front mounted chopper (Bromex PF or Bromex PXD), to maximise working width.

Lateral transmission Power transmission by gearbox with integrated freewheel (up to 150hp) and five belts which incorporate an automatic tensioner, provide stable rotor speed even when working in tough conditions. A PTO shaft with wide angle joint is fitted as standard equipment.



The new FIXBALE 500 high performance Fixed Chamber Baler for wet silage conditions

Vicon have updated their round baler product range with introduction of a new high capacity fixed chamber baler targeted at professional farmers and contractors.

Designed for use in heavy silage conditions the FixBale 500 incorporates an 18 roller bale chamber - increased from 17 rollers in previous models, with two rollers located in the bottom of the bale chamber to give extra support for heavy, wet silage bales. Bale density is taken care of by a new hydraulic density system designed to ensure consistent bale quality in all conditions. A new 2.3m wide pick-up, designated ‘XL+’ has been introduced and incorporates an extensive series of upgrades. An extra tine has been added on either side, increasing working width by 10cm compared to previous models. 



Stay connected with IsoMatch FarmCentre

The IsoMatch FarmCentre application is the first of a series of telematics solutions applicable for all compatible Vicon machines in combination with an IsoMatch Tellus PRO.

Whether you wish to control your fleet, manage tasks remotely or analyse machine performance and task data, IsoMatch FarmCentre provides this in an efficient web application, linking implements, tractors, terminals and the cloud in one continuous flow of data and connectivity.

Connectivity is one of the key aspects in today's world. The internet of things is present in everyday objects and agricultural machines are not the exception to this trend. IsoMatch Farmcentre is the platform designed by Vicon to maintain on-line both implements and control terminals. On this way there are many new possibilities to improve the performance of the implements from the collection of the work data and, consequently, to improve their performance and simplify the work of the users.

FarmCentre is a web program that allows you to track the work of implements in the field from the office of your farm, see the performance of them or send new tasks directly to the control terminal. In addition, the data of completed tasks are sent from the terminal to FarmCentre for further analysis and reporting that facilitates task management and invoicing. All data is hosted on a secure server in the cloud.

Last and not least, the implement alerts are shown also in FarmCentre that allows customers to schedule maintenance tasks of their machines, thus avoiding downtimes at the peak of the campaign.




Vicon is introducing MULTIRATE (variable rate application) on the GEOSPREAD spreader models.

With MULTIRATE the GEOSPREAD spreader models can even more precise spreading, because of the variable rate application per section. This means more accurate application of nutrients for a better efficiency, yield and to reduce costs.

The GEOSPREAD system on the spreader can now move the spreading pattern depending on the requested application rate per section. Depending on the field variation and variable application map, up to 8 rate sections can be used.



New Vicon side delivery rake Andex 705 Evo & Vario

A trailed side delivery Rake that delivers more flexibility, comfort and quality with working width of an 6,65-7,85 m.
Flexibility, Comfort and Quality

The new Vicon Andex 705 Evo + Vario, a carried side delivery rake, delivers flexibility in raking, more comfort in operating and higher quality of forage due to TerraLink Plus cardanic rotor attachment.

More comfort in operation

High comfort was the core of the development. Starting with comfortable connecting of the machine and continues with for example an automatic folding of the swath board and an optional hydraulic transport locking. Further the standard 380/55-17 Wheels secure a ground protecting operation. On top an improved steering gives you better maneuverability in the field. Several options like tandem axles support customizing the machine for individual requirements

Flexibility in raking

The new Andex 705 Evo is offering a high flexibility due to the side delivery. With the special rotor set up of having a smaller rotor in the back, larger areas can be raked into one row. The different diameter prevents rolling and wrapping as much as possible. This secures that following machines can always run on maximum capacity. With the Vario the flexibility increase as two swaths can be placed, either for small balers in high crop volume or for night swaths to increase hay quality.

Higher Quality of forage

With the updated feature “Terralink PLUS”, the cardanic rotor attachment benefits with a further advanced ground adaptation supported by the Touch-Down-Effect. This PLUS on advanced ground adaptation delivers more flexibility with 8° more movement possibility, which leads to more precision and with that consequently a Plus for the forage quality. The Touch-Down-Effect, comparable to an airplane’s approach angle of its landing chassis, ensures a smooth and clean raking, but also avoids with lifting to a ground clearance of around 500 mm that swaths on headlands are being damaged.