Spreading during the winter

With the pendulum spreaders from Vicon have the possibility to spread in different seasons of the year.

This pendulum spreaders can be used for vineyards, golf courses and on general farm. Even during winter time the pendulum spreader can be used for spreading sand and salt. The Vicon Pendulum spreader is the first choice wherever the demand is for maximum spreading quality and easy operation. 

By using a stainless steel insert, grid and agitator the Vicon pendulum spreader is the ideal spreader for sand and salt spreading. For safe transport on the road there are reflector decals optional available. The maximum spreading width is 12m. The spreader can be operated manually or hydraulically.

On the Vicon spreading charts website is exact advise available how to set up the pendulum spreader. Or you can download the spreading charts application from the Google Play Store or App store.


21. January 2019