Heavy Duty Trailed Turntable Wrapper

The professional Choice

Vicon bale wrappers have been designed to offer fast and accurate wrapping of your precious forage crops. An investment in a Vicon bale wrapper is your guarantee of cost effective bale wrapping.

Heavy duty trailed turntable wrapper BW 2600 is ideal for users that wrap large numbers of bales, but still prefer the simplicity of the turntable wrapping system. It is designed for high output operation even in rough or hilly conditions.   

Vicon BW 2600 offers a rugged design and is capable of handling bales up to 1200kg

Vicon BW 2600 wrapper can be optionally equipped with HSP

HSP is a combination of two developments (DuoWrap and OptiSpeed)

The first, DuoWrap allows wrapping with two film rolls at the same time.  Achieving film overlap of 66%, the time to cover the bale is reduced by one third.  The second development, named OptiSpeed, is electronic control of the wrapper table rotation speed.

The High Speed Pack (HSP) now brings the output capacity of a turntable wrapper close to the working speed of a satellite wrapper in the best working conditions, but at a more reasonable cost.

24. June 2019