Bromex M - Efficient working in all conditions!

The extensive range of Vicon straw choppers ensures there is a model to suit every operating requirement. Each model provides great results in a wide variety of operating conditions. All models are solidly constructed with a robust gearbox and reliable “V” belt transmission. 

The Vicon Bromex M is a new multipurpose chopper for road maintenance, clearing outfield edges, ditches and hedges. In addition, the Bromex M shows versatility in operation on grass, lightwood and bushes thus being ideal for the maintenance of parks, gardens and roadsides.

Different offset positions can be reached by different working widths. Versatile in all conditions due to extremely efficient articulation (-65° & +90°)

High-performance rotor with fast rotation speed, combined with a large number of hammer blades (13 per meter) ensure superb chopping performance in all conditions.

In addition, the Bromex M can be combined with a front mounted chopper (Bromex PF or Bromex PXD), to maximise working width.


See Bromex M in combination with Bromex PF in action:

8. July 2019