Extremely operator-friendly

Extremely operator-friendly, Vicon presents the new integrated professional seed drills, Airsem XTE, fitting to Vicon’s power harrows and seed bed harrows.

When looking at the new Vicon integrated seed drill, Airsem XTE, what makes the difference for the farmer?  What makes the adjustment and handling of these seed drills especially operator-friendly?

First, there is the new metering device, ELDOS.

The new metering device, ELDOS, is fully electric driven and steered by e-com electronics. It is available with 5 different rotors for the various seeds. With software for rotor recognition, no wrong use is possible. Positioned on the left hand side of the hopper, there is an open access to change cell wheels or operate the trimming of seed. Cell wheels and dosing bag are on board.

The calibration test is carried out by remote control which again makes it very user-friendly.  The calibration flap with integrated gate prevents any seed dropping into the hose. A penstock is standard.

Further highlights of the Airsem XTE are the central independent depth adjustment and the Euro-Connection for easy coupling and uncoupling of the coulterbar.

15. May 2017