Kverneland Group Ravenna

– The New Bale Competence Centre

With the acquisition of Gallignani Spa., Kverneland Group has now taken full control of its Baler Competence Centre in northern part of Italy. The new name of the company is Kverneland Group Ravenna S.r.l.  The factory is one of the most modern baler manufacturing sites in Europe, a production facility with more than 30 years of baler manufacturing experience. A new modern factory with streamlined production facilities was opened during 1999, working according to the LEAN principles. First step is the implementation of a very ambitious development plan for the complete range of balers and wrappers with strong focus on product quality.

Learn more about Kverneland Group Ravenna  S.r.l. via the video below and see how the extensive range of Vicon balers and bale wrappers are being manufactured.

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 20. December 2012