Andex 705 Evo and Vario rakes: Flexibility, Comfort and Quality!

The Vicon Andex 705 Evo + Vario, a carried side delivery rake, delivers flexibility in raking, more comfort in operating and higher quality of forage due to TerraLink Plus cardanic rotor attachment.

High comfort was the core of the development. Starting with comfortable connecting of the machine and continues with, for example, an automatic folding of the swath board and an optional hydraulic transport locking. Further, the standard 380/55-17 Wheels secure a ground protecting operation. On top of improved steering gives you better maneuverability in the field. Several options like tandem axles support customizing the machine for individual requirements.

With the updated feature “Terralink PLUS”, the cardanic rotor attachment benefits with a further advanced ground adaptation supported by the Jet-Effect. This PLUS on advanced ground adaptation delivers more flexibility with 8° more movement possibility, which leads to more precision and, with that, consequently a Plus for the forage quality. The Jet-Effect, comparable to the starting and landing of an aeroplane, ensures a smooth and clean raking but also avoids a ground clearance of around 500 mm that swaths on headlands are being damaged.

Andex 705 Evo is offering high flexibility due to the side delivery. With the unique rotor set up of having a smaller rotor in the back, larger areas can be raked into one row. The different diameter prevents rolling and wrapping as much as possible. This secures that the following machines can always run at maximum capacity. With the Vario, the flexibility increase as two swaths can be placed, either for small balers in high crop volume or night swaths, to increase hay quality.