Mounted Tedders

Mounted Tedders - VICON FANEX 464 - 524T - 524, easy to use gearbox and low maintenance and dobbel bearings

Vicon Fanex 464 - 524

Compact tedders with low maintenance

Working width of 4.6-5.2m

Mounted Tedders - Vicon Fanex 604 - 804, ideal for hay making also low weight and low power requirments

Vicon Fanex 604 - 804

Compact tedders - ideal for hay making

Working width of 6.05-8.05m 

mounted tedders - VICON FANEX 554-684-764-904-1124, Central adjustment for border spreading keeping the crop inside the field.

Vicon Fanex 554-684-764-904-1124

New Generation of heavy duty mounted tedders - strong driveline - compact transport dimensions

5.5, 6.8, 7.6, 9.0 and 11.2m working width

Tedders, Trailed

Tedders, Trailed - VICON FANEX 904C - 1124C, purpose-built for smaller tractor but will also operate with larger ones

Vicon Fanex 904C - 1124C

Mounted tedders with transport running gear 

 9.0 and 11.2 m working width

Tedders, Trailed - VICON FANEX 1404C, easy to use in operations and also works with low power tractors

Vicon Fanex 1404C

Carrier frame tedder

Working width of 13.3m