Vicon Duplex 400 - 600

Silage Spreaders

The Vicon Duplex 400 and 600 are fastacting silage spreaders. With an enormous capacity, they easily and efficiently process the large amounts of grass, supplied by modern chaff and pick-up vehicles.

Vicon Duplex 400

The Duplex 400 silage spreader is an easy-to-use machine. Using a pinhole connection the working Width is adjustable. The rubber side boards are extremely durable and are operated manually.

Vicon Duplex 600

The Duplex 600 clamp distributor offers more comfort and a larger working width, compared to the Duplex 400 silage spreader. The special drums, in combination with a higher number of revolutions, increase the capacity.

The Advantages:

  • Duplex 400 with 3.15-4.25 m working width and mechanical adjustment of working width.
  • Duplex 600 with up to 6 m working width and hydraulic adjustment of the working width.
  • Duplex 400 and 600 help distribute the grass in an even and thin layer at the clamp for the best compression.
  • Duplex 400 and 600 are both suitable for front and rear linkage.
  • Duplex 600 can be supplied with a silage fork for better levelling across the clamp. 

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width with swath board Weight PTO Speed
Duplex 400 3.62-3.82m 660kg 1000 rpm
Duplex 600 4.00-6.00m 1280kg 1000 rpm

Mounting Options

the Duplex 400-600 can used as front or rear mounted executions.

The swath boards can raised or lowered for spreading operation.

Spreading Drums

Two drums with agressive vertical pipes ensure efficient spreading of the crop.

The crop is spread efficiently for an even and flat silo.