Rakes and Tedders

Single Rotor Rakes

VIC Andex 434 001

Vicon Andex 323-353-394-424T-434-474T

CompactLine single rotor rakes with a maintenance-friendly system.

Working width of 3.2-4.7m

VIC Andex 464 006

Vicon Andex 424-464

ProLine single rotor rakes

Working width of 4.2m and 4.6m

Multi Rotor Rakes, Centre Swath


Vicon Andex 644-724-724 Hydro-764

CompactLine versions

Working widths between 6.2m and 7.8m 


Vicon Andex 804-844-904 Hydro-904 Pro

ProLine versions

Working widths between 7.0 and 9.0m  

VI Andex 1104 0001.jpg

Vicon Andex 1104

Heavy Duty ProLine version

Working width of 9.20-11.00m 


Vicon Andex 1254 - 1304

Four rotor CompactLine and ProLine versions

Working width between 10.0-12.5m


Vicon Andex 1505

Heavy duty four rotor ProLine version and ISOBUS control

Working width between 9.80-15.00m

Multi Rotor Rakes, Side Delivery

VI_Andex 694 0002.jpg

Vicon Andex 694 EVO - 694 VARIO

CompactLine side delivery rake

Working width of 6.9m

VIC Andex 714T Vario 002

Vicon Andex 714T VARIO - 714T EVO

Side delivery rakes for the flexible solution

Working width of 7.1m

VIC Andex 774 008

Vicon Andex 774

Andex 774 side delivery rake with carrier frame 

Working width of 7.7m

Mounted Tedders

VI Fanex 524 0003

Vicon Fanex 464 - 524T - 524

Compact tedders with low maintenance

Working width of 4.6-5.2m

VIC Fanex 604 011.jpg

Vicon Fanex 604 - 804

Compact tedders - ideal for hay making

Working width of 6.05-8.05m 


Fanex 554-684-764-904-1124

New Generation of heavy duty mounted tedders - strong driveline - compact transport dimensions

5.5, 6.8, 7.6, 9.0 and 11.2m working width

Trailed Tedders

VIC Fanex 834T 009

Vicon Fanex 834T - 1134T

Trailed tedder combining high performance with low power requirements

Working width of 8.3m and 11m  

Carrier Frame Tedders


Vicon Fanex 904C

Mounted tedders with transport running gear

Working width of 9.0m


Vicon Fanex 763CD - 903CD

Mounted tedders with transport running gear

Working width of 7.6m and 9m 

VI Fanex 1404C 0014.jpg

Vicon Fanex 1103C - 1404C

Carrier frame tedder

Working width of 11m and 13.3m