Vicon EXTRA 932CT - 932CR - 936CT - 940CT - Trailed Mower Conditioners With Centered Pivot Drawbar

Trailed mower conditioners with centre pivot drawbar, steel tine or roller conditioning.

Working widths of 3.20, 3.60 and 4.00m

Trailed Mower Conditioners with Centre Pivot Drawbar

Vicon’s EXTRA 900 series mower conditioners have been fine-tuned when it comes to aspects such as ease of operation, cutting quality and performance. With an array of different configurations, including a choice of either virtually maintenance free SemiSwing steel tine conditioning, or gentle full width chevron roller conditioning and FlipOver wide spreading equipment, the EXTRA 900 series can be tailored to perform in any situation.

The Advantages:

  • 3.2, 3.6 or 4.0m working width.
  • Centre pivot drawbar.
  • SemiSwing or roller conditioning.
  • Unique suspension with independently suspended mowing section
  • Available with BX Swath belt or FlipOver wide spreading kit.
  • FlexProtect side covers.

EXTRA Cutterbar

  • The EXTRA cutterbar is designed for low maintenance and offers a very quiet operation.
  • Operators will immediately love the virtually quiet operation of the new cutterbar – convenient during a long and busy working day
  • Fully welded cutterbar for a very strong construction.
  • Even number of contrarotating discs for improved overlap.
  • Three bladed discs for more cuts.
  • Smooth stone guard design for excellent cutting quality.
  • High oil capacity ensuring low working temperature.
  • Low noise level thanks to specially tooled gear wheels.
  • Twisted knives for a clean cut in all conditions.

Unique Suspension - Outstanding Ground Following

  • The complete mowing section, including conditioner, is independently suspended.
  • Suspended by either one or two springs on each side ensures field tracks and contours to be followed closely.
  • This ensures accurate, close cutting performance in all conditions.
  • A simple crank adjust the whole cutterbar up or down to the desired stubble height.

The EXTRA 900 machines are engineered with the unique Vicon suspension concept, where the mowing unit is independently suspended from the main chassis. The suspension springs are fitted on the widest possible position, to ensure even, constant ground pressure

The long spring design also allows excellent adaptablity to ground contours, providing a movement range of no less than 65cm - 50cm upwards and 15cm downwards. In addition the design ensures a sidewards adaptation of 24°.

SemiSwing Conditioner

  • The SemiSwing conditioner system combines the aggressive conditioning seen from fixed fingers with the excellent tine protection typically associated with free swinging tines.
  • During normal operation the tines are fixed for effective conditioning, but if a SemiSwing tine comes into contact with an obstacle, force will exceed 22kg (48.5lbs) and it will spring back and leave a generous space for the obstacles up to 103mm to pass.
  • The complete conditioner tine has been redesigned to move the centre of gravity. The result is that the tine will stay in position when hitting the crop, to give full conditioner effect and to minimise wear and tear on the turning points.
  • The angle and position of the SemiSwing tines give a better crop transport. The crop is moved away from the conditioner rotor, resulting in reduced risk of blockages and full effect of the conditioner plate.

Swath Belt

The Vicon EXTRA 900 series can be fitted with the versatile BX Auto-Swather belt to place two swaths into one.

In this way the large swaths for large foragers or balers can be prepared, to speed up the collection of the crop.

The swath belt can be raised and lowered from the tractor seat during operation. This allows you to adapt to each individual situation and requirement, without wasting valuable time

FlipOver Widespreading

  • As an option the Vicon EXTRA 900 and 690T mower conditioners can be equipped with widespreading equipment. In this way, crop can be cut and spread in one operation, saving both time and at least one tedder operation.
  • The spreading vanes of the Vicon FlipOver system are placed further back on the mowing unit than with conventional systems.
  • This is thanks to the spreading plate positioned far to the rear when in use. The improved distance between the conditioning rotor and the spreading vanes gives a more even spreading across the entire working width. A more even spreading ensures a better wilting.

Chevron Roller Conditioner

  • The Vicon roller versions are equipped with full width chevron rollers, quickly taking the cut crop off of the cutting discs and providing gentle and effective conditioning of fragile crops like lucerne/alfalfa, reducing leaf loss to a minimum.
  • The design of the rollers ensures, that the crop is placed in an even, fluffy swath.
  • The conditioning intensity is varied without use of tools, by adjusting the roller pressure exerted between top and bottom roller.