EXPERT 432F Front Mounted Drum Mower

Front mounted drum mower

Working width of 3.05m 

Front Mounted Drum Mower

Vicon EXPERT 432F is ideally suited in combination with the rear mounted Vicon EXTRA discmower or the Vicon EXPERT 431, allowing a substantial working width. The 4 drums ensure maximum crop discharge, laying a perfect swath that is easily picked up by tedders og loader wagons.


The new Vicon EXPERT 432F has recieved the GIO, iF and Red Dot design awards for it new sleek design.


Technical Specifications:

  Working Width Weight Power Req. Min
EXPERT 432F 3.05m 705kg 50/68 kW/hp

Sleek Design

The new EXPERT 432F is a comprehensively redesigned mower with  pure lines and new sleek design. Add in new features such as the next generation FlexProtect side covers, integrated toolbox and clearly marked, ergonomic handles for easy and correct setting of the mower

New Generation FlexProtect

The EXPERT 432F is fitted with the next generation FlexProtect side covers, now offering even more flexibility. The new side covers are made of steel fitted with a flexible polythene cover around the side surface, providing high stability and flexibility. It is a very rigid solution that effectively absorbs stress subjected to the cover and bends when hitting obstacles, without breaking the side cover.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Vicon front mounted drum mowers are designed to deliver excellent performance in every situation. Their reliability lets you focus on what is important – getting the job done with the best possible result. Our aim is to let you make the most of your time. This makes easy operation and maintenance an important aspect.