Disc Mower Conditioners, Rear Mounted

VI EXTRA 632T Farmer 003.jpg

Vicon EXTRA 624T - 628T/R - 632T Farmer - Rear Mounted Disc Mower Conditioners

Centre mounted suspension and up to 125° vertical transport position.

Working widths of 2.4, 2.8 and 3.2m


Vicon EXTRA 632T Pro - Rear Mounted Disc Mower Conditioner

Centre Mounted Hydraulic Suspension with steel tine conditioning

Working width of 3.2m 

VI_EXTRA 687T_001

Vicon EXTRA 687T - Efficient Butterfly Mower Combination

New low weight Vicon triple mower conditioner. 

8.70m working at only 1900kg

VIC Extra 690T 0005

Vicon EXTRA 690T ISOBUS - Butterfly Mower Combination

Butterfly combination with ISOBUS control, steel tine conditioning and optional swath belt solution.

Working width of 9.00m  


Vicon EXTRA 7100T Vario- Efficient Butterfly Mower Combination

All-new innovative butterfly mower with new QuattroLink suspension concept and hydraulic adjustment of working width and overlap

9.80-10.20m working width


Vicon EXTRA 732T-732R-736T-736T Vario- Rear Mounted Mower conditioners

All-new innovative QuattroLink suspension concept for Mower conditioners

Working widths of 3.18 - 3.60m