Vicon Alpex 220 - 280

Low build loader wagons - ideal for hilly conditions

Low build Loader Wagons

The low profile and low centre of gravity guarantee absolutely stable and safe operation on slopes, under trees and in low buildings. Road transport is not an issue either for these compact yet high-capacity machines, which are rated to maximum speeds of 40km/h

The Advantages:

  • Low build design for hilly terrain.
  • 28m³ maximum capacity (at average density)
  • Maximum 2.7m overall height; 2m with extensions folded
  • Standard hydraulic brake system; optional air brake
  • Large 380/55-17 tyres
  • Easy control from PilotBox-T, which allows operating Alpex 220 and Alpex 280 from tractors with only minimum hydraulic specification

Technical Specifications:

  Load Capacity to DIN Load Capacity Medium Compression Max Weight
Alpex 220 14m³ 22m³ 6000kg
Alpex 280 17.5m³ 28m³ 6000kg


Pick-Up Unit

  • The 1.85m pick-up unit, standard on Feedex 300, 360, 390, 440, 650 and 780, collects the crop as cleanly as a rake.
  • 1.65m pick-up on Alpex 220, 280 and Feedex 300 and 360 S/T.
  • The pick-up boasts five rows of tines with 56mm tine spacing
  • Roller crop press for even flow of material into the chamber.
  • Pivoting 15" pick-up guide wheels.
  • Robust pick-up driveline for reliable operation.

RotoControl Feed Unit

  • The RotoControl feed unit ensures maximum throughput.
  • Up to 5 swing arms ensure a gentle and efficient feed of material into the chamber.
  • The wide double-finger tines move the crop efficiently towards the cutting knives without friction or crop loss.
  • Pre-chopping system with 33 knives.
  • Theoretical chopping lenght of 40mm.
  • Individual spring protection of the knives.
  • Should a blockage occur, the feed unit is lowered hydraulically for easy unblocking. No need to leave the tractor.

PilotBox Control Unit

  • PilotBox-T is standard on Alpex 220, 280, Feedex 300, 360S, 360T and 390.

All hydraulic function can be pre-selected and operated via the PilotBox control unit

  • Tailgate
  • Chain-and-slat conveyor
  • Pick-up and cutting unit

Strong Chamber Design

  • Strong steel side with U-channel steel frame and stanchions.
  • The vertical side plates move the material to the rear of chamberm ensuring a full load.
  • Alpex 220, 280, Feedex 300, 360S and 360T are fitted with foldable hay extension.
  • Feedex 390 and 440 features a full-steel body.
  • Sensors warn when the chamber is full.